High Speed Internet Distribution....without the wires!

JABBERNET wireless high speed internet distribution systems provide your production and/or event with total coverage of your production environment without stringing Ethernet throughout the venue.  The JABBERNET system takes your existing high speed hardwired connection and turns it into a Wireless network on steroids.  These custom built systems utilize the latest 802.11 (WiFi) technology with powerful radios to allow anyone with an 802.11 (WiFi) equipped laptop access to high speed internet ANYWHERE in your venue.  The JABBERNET systems can also offer restricted access so that unwanted guests cannot log onto your high speed connection.  

No High Speed?  ....No Problem...  Inquire about proprietary high speed satellite systems offering 1.5Mbps downstream and 256Kbps upstream anywhere in the continental US, the Caribbean and Western Europe.  This system allows instant deployment without the hassle and liability of local Internet and telco providers.  All you need is power and a clear view of the southern sky.

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